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Brett Favre to stay Retired, What it means for the Vikings

It looks like we'll never get to see Brett in purple.

It looks like we'll never get to see Brett in purple.

If for some reason you haven’t heard already Brett Favre is re retiring and will not play for the Vikings this year… we think.  Well, we hope.

After all the media hype Brett pulled the plug at the last minute when everyone thought it was a slam dunk he was coming back.

Well at least we won’t have to listen to and read about what Brett Favre ate for breakfast anymore on ESPN.

On a football related note I don’t think it has much of an affect on the Vikings.  Sure Brett Favre at quarterback sounds a lot better that Sage Rosenfels or Tavaris Jackson but as we witnessed last year Favre has lost a step.  He doesn’t have the same zip he used have on ball and can’t make all the throws he used to and combined with his still intact gunslinger mentality it didn’t make for a good match.

The Vikings are built to run the ball and control the clock and Favre isn’t built for that.  His predilection to force the ball and take unnecessary chances is not what the Vikings offense needed.

Either Rosenfels or Jackson is better suited for the role.  This team did win a division title with Jackson as it’s quarterback last year so it’s not like they can’t do it again.

We tend to forget Jackson will be entering only his fourth year in the league and is coming from a small 1-AA program.  Perhaps this is the year he puts it all together.  I’m not saying he is going to make the Pro Bowl but as long as doesn’t turn the ball over and makes the occasional big throw he should be fine.

Even if Jackson plays similar to lat year this team will still be fine.  All they have to do is get to the playoffs and then it’s a whole different ballgame just look at the Cardinals last year.  No one thought going into the playoffs they had a shot and yet they were two minutes away from a Super Bowl victory.

Jackson and Rosenfels no longer have to worry abot Favre being in the picture.

Jackson and Rosenfels no longer have to worry abot Favre being in the picture.

One thing that looks promising for the Vikings is the addition of Percy Harvin.  The speedy rookie has gotten rave reviews so far and the Vikings have reportedly installed a Wildcat package with him at quarterback.  Harvin gives this offense another dimension with his skills.  Defenses now have to be worried of both him and Peterson because either of them can score any time they touch the ball.

So Vikings fans don’t be angered by the decision of Brett after his flirtation with the Vikes.  They are still a very good football team and they are in a wide-open conference that anyone can win.

And for the rest of football fans we can all breath a deep sigh of relief.  Hopefully this will be the last time I mention Brett Favre until his time in Canton rolls around.  So enjoy it you never know when a report will surface that he’s still working out just in case he gets the itch to play again.  O wait, that just happened.

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