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Sick of Super Bowl Story Lines

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=super+bowl&iid=7810388″ src=”3/e/6/a/NFL_commissioner_Roger_723a.JPG?adImageId=9953691&imageId=7810388″ width=”500″ height=”286″ /]

It’s finally almost Sunday and frankly I can’t wait.

No, I’m not that excited about the big game or the Tim Tebow commercial.

I’m excited to stop hearing the same thing over and over again on every media outlet.

Once 6:25 comes and the opening kickoff takes place we can finally stop hearing the same story lines shoved down out throats over and over again.

Part of the blame is due to the two-week layoff between the Conference Championship and Super Bowl, but it’s mostly the fault of lazy producers who don’t want to work.

In case you’ve somehow managed to avoid them, here are all of them one last time for you:

1. Peyton Manning is a Football God

We get it, Peyton Manning is the best.  He figured out Rex Ryan’s defense and put on a clinic in the second half.  He’s the smartest quarterback to ever play the game.  A win on Sunday puts him among the elite.

2. It would mean so much for the city of New Orleans if the Saints win

I’m all for the city of New Orleans rallying around the Saints after Katrina, but there’s a certain point where I just can’t take it anymore.  I know the players have become a part of the community and the city has embraced the team.  Can we just play football?

3. Dwight Freeney’s Ankle

The most talked about body part in the entire world.  Even more so than Brett Favre’s shoulder last off season.  Here’s what’s going to happen.  He’s not going to start on Sunday.  If he plays, he’ll play on passing downs and try to make impact there.

4. Archie Manning used to play for the Saints

The best quarterback in Saints history now has to choose against his former team and his son.  I think that’s an easy one for him.  Please CBS don’t bombarded us with ten shots of the Manning family box.  No one cares.

5. The Colts’ Young Receivers

The Colts passing game is more than just Dallas Clark and Reggie Wayne.  Enter Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie, who had their coming out part against the scraps the Jets threw out there at cornerback in the AFC Championship Game.  No one had heard of these guys before the season – except real fans – and now they’re Super Bowl darlings.

6. Drew Brees vs. Peyton Manning

What a matchup!  Two of the best quarterbacks in the game squaring off in the biggest game on the biggest stage.  Too bad they each have nothing to do with how the other will fare.

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Super Bowl XLIV Prop Bets

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=super+bowl+coin+toss&iid=3998636″ src=”a/2/c/d/Super_Bowl_XLIII_4628.jpg?adImageId=9944549&imageId=3998636″ width=”500″ height=”333″ /]

Tired of betting on the point spread and the over under?

Well, the Super bowl has you covered.  The good folks over at Bodog have unveiled their onslaught of prop bets for Super Sunday and there should be something for everyone.  From player props to teams to props to pretty much anything you can imagine.  If you can think of it, odds are Bodog has it.

The number of prop bets available may be intimating, so I took the time to give you my recommendations of which bets to play.

How long will it take Carrie Underwood to sing the National Anthem?

Over/Under: 1 minute 42 seconds

Take the Under (-160).  That’s a longer time than you think and Carrie Underwood won’t be stretching out the end like Aretha Franklin would.

What Color will the Gatorade be that is dumped on the Head Coach of the Winning Super Bowl Team?

Yellow                                       4/5

Clear/Water                               9/5

Orange                                      11/2

Lime Green                               8/1

Red                                          10/1

Blue                                          25/2

Take Yellow at 10/13 odds.  I do like Blue as a sleeper pick especially if the Colts win.

What side of the ball will the Players that perform the Gatorade Shower be from?

Offensive: +140

Defensive: -170

Take Defensive (-170).  You’d figure the offensive would be on the field taking a knee when the Gatorade Shower takes place.

How Many Times will CBS show Eli Manning on TV during the Game?

Over/Under: 3

Take the Over of 3 (-190).  This is a safer bet than the 4 they have listed for Archie Manning.

How Many Times will CBS announcers fully mention Hurricane Katrina during the game?

Over/Under: 2.5

Take the Under at 2.5 (+140).  Rarely do people mention it as Hurricane Katrina.

What color top will Kim Kardashian be wearing at the Super Bowl?

Black                                        6/5

White                                        13/4

Any Other Color                         5/4

Take Black with the 6/5 odds.  I’d guess she’d be wearing Reggie’s jersey or a black top.

Will a member of the Who smash a guitar on stage during the half time show?

Yes: +150

No: -180

Definitely take Yes at (+150).  This is the Super Bowl.  The Who are going to try to relive the glory days here.

Sidney Crosby Points (vs. Capitals) vs. Drew Brees’ Interceptions


Take Sid the Kid.  I don’t see Drew throwing more than one pick.

Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend (Reggie Bush) rushing yards, or Khloe’s husband (Lamar Odom) points/rebounds/assists?


Go with Khlodom.  Reggie won’t do anything on Sunday and if he does it won’t be on the ground.

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