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Return of the Poison Pill?

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=steve+hutchinson&iid=2237886″ src=”a/9/1/b/PicImg_Minnesota_Vikings_v_7b41.jpg?adImageId=10478288&imageId=2237886″ width=”500″ height=”370″ /]

The free agency class this year will be rather bare compared to that of season’s past.

This is because of 2010 being an uncapped year, which requires that players need six years of service instead of four to qualify for unrestricted free agency.

This has prevented players such as Brandon Marshall, DeMeco Ryans, Braylon Edwards, Elvis Dumervil, Shawne Merriman, and a host of other players from being unrestricted free agents.

With few big name free agents on the market teams will have to get creative to fill their needs.

This brings up the possibility of the poison pill being brought back.

Back in 2006 the Minnesota Vikings signed Steve Hutchinson to a seven year $49 contract with $16 guaranteed.  While that seems fair, they also included a clause that would have guaranteed his entire contract if he was the highest paid lineman on his team.  At that time, the Seahawks had Walter Jones, whose salary was higher and thus could not sign Hutchinson without guaranteeing his entire contract.

The Seahawks file a grievance, but the arbitrator ruled in favor of the Vikings.

The Seahawks got back at the Vikings by signing Nate Burelson to an offer sheet including a stipulation that would have guaranteed his entire contract if he played five or more games in the state of Minnesota in one season.

Now, since that off season no team has attempted to sign someone with a poison pill included, but that may change very soon.

If some team tries to get cute and offers a low tender to one of their restricted free agents don’t be surprised if a team employs the poison pill to ensure they sign him.

Even if they are tendered with a first and third rounder, some team may be willing to pay the price.  It wouldn’t be out of the question to see a team like Miami, Baltimore, or any receiver needy team go after a wide receiver like Marshall, Vincent Jackson, or Miles Austin.

Remember it was not even two years ago when the Cowboys traded a first, third, and sixth round pick for Roy Williams and these receivers are actually established number one targets.