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NFL Draft in Primetime

The NFL Draft is is headed to primetime

The NFL Draft is is headed to primetime

Two years after tinkering with the draft format Roger Goodell is at it again.  Goodell notified teams that the draft will be spread out over three days instead of two.

The first round will be held on Thursday in primetime at 7:30 p.m.  The second on tthird rounds will follow on Friday on Friday night starting at 6:30p.m.  The draft will conclude on Saturday with rounds four through seven which is slated to start at 10:00 a.m.

The draft had been on Saturday and Sunday since 1995.

Recently the draft has become bigger and bigger and last year 39 million people watched.  The draft has now become the marquee event on the NFL off-season.

Also the internet has blown up with draft talk.  There are now tons of websites dedicated solely to the NFL Draft and update all year round.  Everyone is trying to become the next Mel Kiper who ESPN has turned into a star.

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Michael Vick to be Released from Prison

Michael Vick is expected to be released from federal prison after serving a 18 month sentence and is set to start home confinement on Wednesday.  Vick will serve two months of home confinement before being released from federal custody in late July just in time for the start of NFL training camps.  He will live in his home in Hampton, Virginia where he is expected to be accompanied by his wife and children.  While in home confinement he will work for a local construction company working 40 hours a week and making $10 a hour.

The Falcons still have the rights to Vick but have stated that they will bring him back and tried to trade him this off season but found no takers.  Vick is still currently suspended by the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell has said Vick will need to show true remorsefulness in order to be reinstated.  Recently former Indianapolis Colts Tony Dungy met with Vick in prison but no details of the visit have been made public.

If Vick gets reinstated by Goodell the question then becomes where will he play this season.  The Raiders could certainly be a possibility and Al Davis has given a second chance to players in the past.  I don’t know if the Raiders would want to give up of JaMarcus Russell after selecting number one overall only two years ago.  The Broncos could be an interesting fit after trading Jay Cutler.  Kyle Orton is not a franchise quarterback and Josh McDaniels comes from New England where they gave Corey Dillon and Randy Moss a second chance.  If Brett Favre doesn’t work out for the Vikings perhaps they might take a look at Vick.  The Redskins tried to for Jay Cutler and trade up to select Mark Sanchez this off season they would seem to have some interest in Vick if he was available.

All of those teams do make some sense but if I had to guess what team Michael Vick would play for it would be the San Francisco 49ers.  Earlier in the off season coach Mike Singletary said that he was interested in Vick but then ownership quickly said after they were not interested.  Despite their denial I still believe they would be interested.  They don’t seem to be sold on Shaun Hill as the starter and former number one pick Alex Smith looks like a bust.  Also Singletary is looking to run the ball and there is no better quarterback at running than Vick.  It might be hard to sell for the fans but for a team that hasn’t won in awhile it might be worth the risk.