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Top 10 Super Bowl Commericals

Estimates say that more people will watch the Super Bowl for the commercials than the actual game.

While I question that assertion, it’s fair to say commercials are a big part of the Super Bowl.

They get plenty of talk before the big game and after.  This year is no different with the controversial Tim Tebow ad and the gay dating site ad that was rejected.

Reports say that some 30 seconds ads went for more three million dollars this year.  Even in a recession, Super Bowl ads are not taking a hit proving their staying power.

Here’s a look at the ten most memorable Super Bowl Commercials:

10. Wardrobe Malfunction

2005- A year after the most memorable halftime show in Super Bowl history, which has ruined halftimes show ever since, we find out what really caused that memorable wardrobe malfunction.

9. Bud Bowl II

1989-Who ya got?  Budweiser or Bud Light? I’ll take Bud Light and the points.

8. Terry Tate Office Linebacker

2003- Maye big corporations should take a hint from this commercial and hire Terry Tate to increase productivity in the workplace.  I know I’d be a lot more motivated if I knew Terry Tate was going to take me out in a moments notice if took too long of a break.

7. Miller Light Catfight

2003- This commercial sparked a world of controversy and debate and some complaints from the FCC..  You can never go wrong with two girls  fighting in a pool while they’re half naked.  More taste or less filling?  I still can’t decide.   

6. Mean Joe Greene

1979- One of the first truly great and memorable Super Bowl commercials though technically it aired just before the big game.  The ad let to many spin offs and they even made a movie based on it called “The Steeler and the Pittsburgh Kid.”  Moral of this commercial:  Give athlete a coke and he’ll give you his jersey.

5. Budweiser Wasabi

2000- After the success of the Budweiser Wassup commercials, they took a step farther in this one by going to a sushi bar and receiving some wasabi.  Hilarity ensues as all the sushi chefs get in on the action.

4. Pepsi- Cindy Crawford

1991- No fancy gimmick here for Pepsi.  Just Cindy Crawford downing a Pepsi.  After watching this commercial how could you not want to have a Pepsi?

3. Bud Frogs

1995- After the success of the Bud Bowl’s, Budweiser needed a new gimmick.  They tried some chirping frogs and America loved it.  This ad led to many spinoffs and they even sold Bud frog merchandise. 

2. McDonald’s- The Showdown

1993- MJ and Larry Legend go at it in a game of horse for a Big Mac.  Each shot is more ridiculous than the previous one and they end up on the top of the Hancock building with MJ sinking one “off the expressway, over the river, off the billboard, through the window, off the wall, nothin’ but net.”

1. Apple- Macintosh

1984- Does anybody even remember when they were called Macintosh’s?  This ad is credited with starting the Super Bowl ad craze.  The world was introduced to Macs and 26 years later they’re doing pretty good.  In fact, I’m writing this article on one now.

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